Community Gardens Take Root in Houston

Community and urban gardens are gaining traction in the Houston area. As awareness grows regarding the holistic health benefits that gardens provide, so does the excitement for these projects that create a sense of community, vitality, and livelihood within the populations they serve.

Asakura Robinson is currently involved in the conceptual design of a garden being considered for the UT Health Science Center in the Texas Medical Center. We are working with Gensler on this concept that would convert part of the existing Grant Fay Park into a therapeutic and educational community garden. Features proposed for the project include fruit trees, ADA-accessible gabion wall planting beds, and an indoor kitchen for educating students, instructors, and the public on the benefits of healthy eating as a means of preventing long-term illness.

Another exciting garden we are working on is located in the northwest Houston community of Acres Homes. This grant-funded project is part of the Acres Homes Community Center, and is designed to promote holistic health by engaging seniors in physical and social activities. We are working with English + Associates and the City of Houston Department of Health and Human Services to create programming and design that offers opportunities for hands-on interaction with the garden, socializing among different age groups, and utilizing new walking trails and exercise equipment. The project’s expected completion is the end of 2015.

We see both of these projects as small opportunities to help promote healthy living in the Houston area and are proud to be part of the public discourse.

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