Chinese Community Center Nature Playscape

Asakura Robinson provided landscape architectural services from schematic design through construction observation for the nature-based playscape at Chinese Community Center Childcare, which was completed in early Summer 2010. Through a donation by the Yao Ming Foundation, CCCC was selected to receive nature-based playscape improvements at their existing facility. A design charette with community members, teachers, and parents led to the design of an enlarged, much-improved playscape that allows children to engage in creative free play with the use of natural materials.

Vine-covered tepees, raingardens, and grassy hills provide a welcoming setting for the preschoolers to expolore. The “peek-a-boo paintwall” serves dual purposes as a separator of the different age groups’ playspaces, and also as an interactive art element. A variety of native trees and shrubs provide seasonal interest year-round, complete with the “Yao Ming tree” that was planted by Yao himself. The playscape has proven to be a remarkable transition from a small cramped equipment-based playground to an inviting natural

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