CORE Park West

On this Class A office building, Asakura Robinson was engaged to create an overall master plan and establish design guidelines for the streetscape and main drive. The design centers on creating a park-like setting that focuses on pedestrian circulation and connectivity; preserves green space; and utilizes several detention ponds as feature amenities.

Upon entering the complex, visitors are greeted by a shallow, still reflection pool that features a descending sign wall. At night, a channel traversing the reflection pool will showcase upward-facing flickering light beams visible only to building inhabitants. The main drive design is a plaza-like promenade lacking the red lines and barricades of traditional driveways that instead relies on trees and lighting to define the roadway. A large, established ‘signature’ tree will be transplanted within the entry plaza to serve as a powerful focal point. Once inside the building complex, the reflection pool concept is repeated in the enclosed courtyard and sculpture garden featuring a contemporary landscape and polished marble and granite panels. At the rear of the complex is an additional detention pond surrounded by green space where pedestrians can cross a bridge to the bordering nature preserve or relax on a seating wall overlooking the pond.

View Project Sheet here.


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