East End Mobility Study

Houston’s East End is one of the cities oldest neighborhoods. Historically Latino and in the shadow of downtown, this neighborhood has seen significant population decreases over the past fifty years. Although the population has now stabilized, significant land use changes are still occurring: industrial to residential; single-family to townhouse; warehouse to loft. In addition, the area will be transformed by the addition of two light rail lines, both slated to open in 2014. As such, there are significant concerns about the area’s complex transportation system, how modes will work together and what type of community the East End will become.

In order to develop mobility options for automobile, bicycle, pedestrian, transit and freight, it was first necessary to develop future land use scenarios. Asakura Robinson Company developed two scenarios for future growth, one based on existing and know development and current trends and one based on existing plans from the Greater East End Management District. This information was then used to run regional travel demand modeling in order to shape the recommendations for the study area. Asakura Robinson is working on report design and population, public engagement, transit option recommendations, land-use assessment and future land-use scenarios.

Download the full report here.

View project sheet here.


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