FM 1092 Access Management Study

FM 1092 (also called Murphy Road) is the main north-south corridor within the City of Stafford, providing access to regional destinations through freeway and transit connections, including US-59/I-69 and the METRO West Bellfort Park & Ride. Asakura Robinson provided public involvement and streetscape design expertise for the FM 1092 Access Management Study, as well as document design. The project went beyond the scope of conventional access management studies to provide guidance on placemaking techniques, develop a vision, and inform how entities can play an integral role in transforming the quality of spaces along the corridor. Recommended streetscape design elements accommodate all potential roadway users in a currently automobile-dominant landscape, improving the quality of space for pedestrians, providing bicycle facilities, and offering branding opportunities through landscaping and signage. The project team identified four potential nodes within the study area which, if acted up on, could be developed into activity nodes, centers for community gathering and shopping destinations. Asakura Robinson presented an alternative site design for an underutilized site along the corridor, at the intersection of Avenue E and FM 1092 (or Murphy Road), which features a street grid, central civic space, shared parking, and mixed-use developments that promote pedestrian activity throughout the site.

See full report here.



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