Galveston Strand, Livable Communities Initiative, Phase 1

The Livable Communities Project is an exciting $2.7 million federally funded project in downtown Galveston, Texas. The planned project is to give pedestrians better transportation linkages with improved access to public transportation by Island Transit, for those who visit Galveston recreation destinations and to connect people with jobs, the hospital facility, UTMB and education facilities within the community.

This is achieved by repairing, replacing and redesigning sidewalks, ramps and pedestrian crossings, providing directional and educational signage and pedestrian lighting and adding trash cans, benches and other pedestrian amenities, all respecting the historic nature of the Strand area.

The Livable Communities Initiative project was administered by The Goodman Corporation. The design team was led by Keiji Asakura* while at SLA Studio Land and the contractor was J.W. Kelso and Company.

* Individual experience: Keiji Asakura

View project sheet here


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