Gannoway Lake Park Phase II – Sugar Land, Texas

After producing a Masterplan in 2009 for a nature park at Sugar Land’s Gannoway Lake, Asakura Robinson was contracted again by the City of Sugar Land to prepare a more focused study of the challenges to address in developing the park. A complicated urban site framed by roadways, residential development, a local high school, a new water treatment facility and extensive planned mixed-use development, Gannoway Lake is also an extremely unique ecological asset to the area and the potential lynchpin of an expansive greenway along Oyster Creek. To complete the feasibility study, ARC worked with consulting engineers from Walter P. Moore and Berg Oliver to assess design constraints ranging from stormwater drainage, to hydrology, to wetland delineation, to removal of invasive plant species, to sediment loads, to water quality and future permitting as well. The final report developed by ARC included an updated context description with accompanying maps, recommendations for addressing the core challenges, a phasing strategy, and cost estimates for the eventual park construction.

View project sheet here.


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