Historic Holman Street Reconstruction

The scope of work involved is a 7,000 foot pedestrian realm along Holman Street. The existing ROW varies from 60’-80’ throughout the project limits. Within the 2008 Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan Holman Street is designated a local street within the street hierarchy system, which is defined as “Less than one mile long; carries little traffic; provides access to homes and local businesses; accommodates on-street parking and pedestrians.”

Asakura Robinson Company was engaged to make recommendations to improve and enhance the following features: sidewalks; crosswalks; street trees; pedestrian lighting; curb extensions; bioswales; shared bike lane and Columbia Tap trail; historical markers; bus shelter upgrades and thematic lighting. A series of meetings with local stakeholders and residents have resulted in an analysis of current conditions, concerns and needs which will be the basis of our recommendations. Phase one is complete, phase two is currently awaiting construction funding.

View project sheet here


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