Spring Crossing Master Plan

In keeping with Skanska’s corporate mission of environmental stewardship, the master plan for the Spring Crossing office development is both respectful of the unique character of the site and forward-thinking in its embrace of resource management strategies. The design seeks to protect the site’s existing natural amenities and mesh them with new forms. Three distinct ecologies – Pine Forest, Coastal Prairie, and Bayou – provide the conceptual foundation for the project’s site plan.

As the most defining feature of the existing site, the Pine Forest is comprised of both protected existing forest area and new stands of native mature trees. Minimal clearing of underbrush within this existing forest will enhance these areas for potential trails and other outdoor uses. Complementing the Pine Forest at the edges of the site, the Coastal Prairie landscape will provide a diverse palette of native grass and wildflower plantings. Once established, this landscape will require no irrigation and only minimal maintenance, and has the potential to support a large degree of biodiversity. Completing the landscape narrative is a set of water features designed to evoke a bayou ecology; the site will have its own sophisticated network of bioswales, rain gardens, and ponds that will provide visible green infrastructure for stormwater to circulate through the site and collect in ponds for irrigation use.

View project sheet here.


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