The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country Master Plan

The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country is a regional resource for fostering awareness of the unique natural and cultural history of the Canyon Lake area, education through collection, preservation, interpretation and display.

The purpose of the Master Plan is to create a physical framework for the programs and operations of the museum. It is important to identify the location of the proposed facilities to optimize usage of the available level areas because the terrain of the site is generally steeply sloping.

Recommendations include an expansion of programs that will attract visitors across the region, a site plan for museum facilities, and environmental and landscape features.

By broadening and tailoring the museum’s amenities to various interests, its relevancy can create a cherished experience for visitors. In order to expand the programmatic reach of the Heritage Museum, it must build upon its regular services, such as tours and events that are facilitated by its staff and volunteers, and establish partnerships that allow the museum to serve as a venue for the larger community in ways that support its mission, objectives and vision.

Location: Canyon Lake, TX
Scale: 25 Acres
Client: The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country Master Plan
Sub-Consultants: Halff.


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