Willow Waterhole Access Plan

As part of Harris County Flood Control District’s restoration of a native prairie at the Willow Waterhole Stormwater Detention Facility, Asakura Robinson developed a Public Access Plan for the Prairie Management Area. Starting from the goal that the prairie should not only be well integrated with the adjacent basin park area, but also with the surrounding community, AR’s work was as much about crafting a plan as building consensus and support for the prairie among a diverse group of community stakeholders. To do this, ARC organized a series of public meetings in collaboration with HCFCD, led discussions of the opportunities and challenges for the making the prairie more accessible, collected ideas and feedback from neighborhood advocates, environmental advocates and management agency representatives, and ultimately produced a final plan that represented both stakeholder wishes and professional best practices for creating an exemplary park within a sensitive habitat area.

See the final report here.


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