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It was not unusual to see individuals sporting green-painted pinkies at the Pro Walk Pro Bike Conference this week, signifying the Green Lane Project campaign that began in April 2012, hosted by the Bikes Belong Foundation. Six U.S. cities were chosen to participate — Austin, Chicago, Memphis, Portland, San Francisco, and Washington DC —  all with a vision for bicycle transportation that is supported by elected officials, leading staff, and the community, easing the process of project implementation.  Every two weeks, these focus cities’ blogs will be updated to feature their progress as they deploy innovative, context-sensitive design solutions from the recently updated NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide.

These green lane* projects will allow innovative solutions to be tested out, researched, improved and repeated as U.S. cities gain confidence in the power of solid bicycle infrastructure to improve air quality, promote healthy lifestyles, and stimulate economic development. Check out Austin’s first project. In a resurfacing project, $10,000 was used to create a protected bike lane, providing safe access to Zilker Elementary School along Bluebonnet Lane.

* A “green lane” doesn’t have to be painted green, but this technique is typically alerts roadway users of conflict zones, where bicycle and automobile paths may cross (turning lanes, driveways, bus stops).

Image courtesy of the Green Lane Project

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