East End Mobility Study Completed!

Working on a team lead by Traffic Engineers, we recently completed the East End Mobility Study. Funded by the Houston-Galveston Area Council and the Greater East End Management District, the study looked at the western end of the Greater East End Management District and all of the East Downtown Management District. The study area was bounded by 59 on the West, I10 on the north, Lockwood on the East and I45 on the South.

The study addressed the need for strategic, holistic transportation planning in the historic neighborhoods just east of downtown Houston. Having lost more than half of their population and a significant amount of their job base since 1950, the community is now stabilizing and beginning to see new development again. Indeed, the addition of two new METRORail lines with stops in the area has opened up the possibility of significant new development. As such, there was a need to examine the existing transportation infrastructure to ensure the community can continue to develop in line with the existing Downtown-Ea/Do Livable Centers Study, the East End Livable Centers Study and the East End Master Plan. With the assistance of numerous stakeholders, our project team developed the following goals:

  • Address short and long-term capacity constraints and opportunities
  • Address barriers to mobility and increase connectivity
  • Enhance multi-modal trip alternatives
  • Prioritize transportation infrastructure investments that support development objectives
  • Reduce safety concerns

Our role in the study was to develop future land use scenarios to test future mobility constrains against and to develop recommendations relating to bicycle and pedestrian facilities, wayfinding and parking. We also developed the report’s graphic standards and provided graphic design and layout for the final report.

The full study can be downloaded here!

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