Things that are not there…an illusionary dream of cosmic energy


Create your own Zen garden

If a calm, visual space is appealing, create your own Zen garden.

Do some homework. Study Zen designs in magazines and books, including those of the 15th-century contemplation karesansui gardens at Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Use these ideas to help create a garden to your liking and that suits your needs.

What makes a Zen garden beautiful? Aesthetic qualities include asymmetry, simplicity, tranquility, patina, naturalness and freedom from convention, says landscape architect Keiji Asakura ( Keep in mind that the Zen value rests on things that are not there, barely there or implied. Rocks and cascading plants, for example, can imply water.

Houston Chronicle 2-26-2010

Kathy Huber

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