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Local Organization Hurricane Relief Efforts

As Houston and the surrounding areas begin the process of healing and recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Asakura Robinson encourages you to support local organizations that work with under-served communities on a daily basis, and who understand the immediate needs and how to effectively help these communities. Here are a handful that AR works with and links to their donation sites:


BakerRipley has an important role in disasters. After the flood waters from Harvey recede, we are responsible for assistance with long term recovery. Working in collaboration with other agencies, we pick up after the initial emergency responders and work on helping people restart their lives.

Avenue CDC

As a HUD certified housing counseling agency we are being called upon to serve our community during this period of recovery.  Avenue’s HomeOwnership Center is shifting its counseling services to provide disaster recovery counseling which will involve helping Houstonians rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Connect Communities

Hurricane Harvey has taken a catastrophic toll on the city of Houston while leaving many still stranded and in need of assistance including those in the Sharpstown/Gulfton community. Any donation that you can spare, no matter how large or small, will go directly to the community to help with the recovery and is greatly appreciated.

Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation

Fifth Ward CRC is a catalytic organization dedicated to the collaborative fostering of holistic community development.

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Asakura Robinson is a planning, urban design, and landscape architecture firm which strengthens environments and positively impacts communities through innovation, engagement, stewardship, and an integrated design process and our employees are leaders in social and environmental design. As a firm, we strive to assist visionary clients to spur positive change. We focus on engaging communities in ever more diverse project contexts while maintaining a high level of creativity and collaboration in every endeavor.

Three key values inform all of our work: interaction, diversity and innovation. We value the ability of the public to participate in our projects, creating places that encourage social interaction, and our staff’s deep engagement in our communities. We value our diverse workplace and communities and seek to optimize existing community-based and ecological resources. Finally, we value creativity in our processes, materials, technology, collaborations, approach, and design palette.

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