Federal Reserve Bank Green Roof

Michael Graves’ arousing post-modern Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Houston Branch building was completed in 2005. Asakura Robinson Company was recently selected to provide innovative, artful and sustainable design for a highly visible 3,000 SF outdoor terrace. The terrace is located at the axis of the facility’s second level board room, meeting rooms and dining rooms. The design provides intriguing, sculptural views from the interior, allows contemplative spaces for staff members between vegetative panels and rippling fountain walls and will also accommodate over 100 guests at each of the 100 plus events scheduled at the facility annually. Various “curtains’ of vegetation, trellis panels, a grassy berm and a water trough with low fountains envelope the outdoor rooms and surround focal platforms for local and regional artists’ works. These vegetative screens are translucent and frame vistas for the spectacular Buffalo Bayou beyond the terrace railing. A living, planted wall against the massive barrel-vault will provide a living art-work that symbolizes the Bank’s dedication to a sustainable environment.

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