Fire Station 90

Asakura Robinson Company created a sustainable landscape design for Houston Fire Department’s newest facility, Station 90. With the objective of obtaining LEED Gold Certification, the client requested a low-maintenance water-conserving native landscape that would demonstrate HFD’s commitment to sustainability. The landscape and irrigation design achieved this objective through the use of native, drought-tolerant plant material, low-flow drip irrigation, and rainwater harvesting. Six 1,000 gallon rainwater tanks collect runoff from the building’s roof, which is then re-used in the irrigation system. The irrigation system was carefully laid out using only water-conserving bubblers on trees and subsurface drip tubes in planting beds. The planting design features native wetland species within a detention area, and massing of native prairie grasses along the front of the building. These techniques reduced the potable water use in the irrigation system by 82%.

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