Lone Star Vet Tech Building

The Veterinary Technology Building (Vet Tech) is a 20,000-square-foot addition to the existing Veterinary program. The building complements the existing Large Animal Facility in a rustic setting on the west side of the Tomball campus. Asakura Robinson Company’s landscape concept for the Vet Tech building utilizes landscape areas as both temporary detention for stormwater runoff and also as a gathering space for students. The shallow depressed areas have stepped edges to allow students to sit outside under the canopy of Cypress trees. Native vegetation, such as moisture-loving native grasses, are planted inside the detention areas to reduce mowing maintenance, increase stormwater filtration and intake, and provide an attractive natural view outside the building. This low-maintenance landscape approach enhances the natural setting of the Vet Tech building while also providing functional gathering areas.

View Project Sheet here.


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