Lone Star Victory Center

Asakura Robinson Company provided landscape architectural services for the new Victory Center Lone Star College campus. The 17-acre site features $1.3 million in site improvements, designed to enhance the campus’s setting as a community feature. The detention pond was carefully designed to serve as an attractive, useful amenity. A fountain and circulating pump will maintain the water level, allowing a normally-dry detention pond to also serve as a permanent water feature.  One side of the detention pond features grassy steps that can be used as an ‘amphitheater’ setting for outdoor classes or group gatherings. The opposite side of the pond features a ‘green’ retaining wall, heavily planted with climbing vines to provide an attractive aesthetic view.  The parking lot features several bioswales located within medians, which utilize plant material and engineered soil media to cleanse stormwater and remove pollutants. An outdoor patio located adjacent to the library features permeable pavers, which allow rainwater to infiltrate into the ground. Several  small waterwall fountains located in the main entry plaza provide a soothing ambiance to the building’s main entrance.

View Project Sheet here.


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