St. James Nature Playscape

Asakura Robinson Company was engaged by Weatherford and Core Real Estate to create a nature-based playground for the Bright Horizon daycare part of the newly renovated Weatherford Houston location. Unlike typical playgrounds which commonly feature large composites of plastic play structures that only engage children in physical play, ARC advocates nature playscapes which incorporate natural elements in order to facilitate healthy child development and encourage growth in a wide range of skills. Nature
playscapes are always growing and changing season after season which provides children with new opportunities for play and keeps them interested.

  • Stepping stumps of different heights, natural balance beams, and a lumber bridge encourage development of gross motor skills in younger children, such as balance and movement
  • A tricycle track provides a place for riding toys and mobility exercise
  • Winding grassy berms offer opportunities for running, sliding and rolling downhill in addition to the traditional hill slide
  • Tree deck and picnic tables provide an outdoor gathering place
  • Vegetable garden and tree tepees function as a living laboratory
  • Mini musical fences allow for sound exploration

The toddler play area was strategically located to prevent conflict with older children. The play areas will be secured with a “Green Screen” which will be planted with vines allowing it to blend in with the landscape. The green screen fence will be fully secured with security system and accent lights to ensure the safety of the children.

View project sheet here


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