Three Eldridge Place

Asakura Robinson Company provided landscape architectural services for Three Eldridge Place, a multi-story office building located in the Energy Corridor. Attempting LEED Gold certification, the project utilized several sustainable landscape techniques to gain points for restoring wildlife habitat and reducing water use in irrigation. Instead of traditional turfgrass, the building is surrounded by a mixture of native prairie grasses, which reduces water use while also providing food and habitat for birds. Soil moisture sensors, micro-misters, and strategic location of irrigation heads provided a water savings of 53% compared with traditional irrigation techniques. The project also features a ‘zen garden’ courtyard composed of black pebbles, granite boulders, and bamboo varieties. A unique design strategy emphasizing horizontal elements was carried through contrasting walkway pavements and wooden screen fencing, allowing the courtyard to feel larger than its actual size. The courtyard provides a welcoming entrance to the building and also serves as a connection to the adjacent parking garage.

View Project Sheet here.


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